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Q2 Update – Light at the end of the tunnel

This quarter seemed like an absolute slog at times, but in retrospect it seems like it has whizzed by. I don’t think work helped my mindset much – I’m not sure I’ve written many posts picking out the specifics of what grinds me down about my job before. Shortbread Jnr. is doing really well now […]

Q1 Update – We’re still here and still making progress!

The past three months have been earth-shatteringly busy, tiring and stressful. However, we’re settling into life as a new family. It’s been a test, but we’ve weathered some difficult moments, stuck together and kept making progress. Sounds a bit corny…but don’t care! Back in Q4Net worth: $771,918 / Portfolio: $283,000Markets have been pretty volatile, and […]

Q4 Update – A new player enters

Our family grew a little a couple of weeks ago…and boy has this changed things! Not everything has been as entirely smooth as we wanted, but our financial preparations ensured that money hasn’t been a source of stress at all this quarter – one of the biggest payoffs in pursuing FI I think it’s possible […]

Q2 update – The market is kicking our arses!

We celebrate every quarter by taking a morning to have some brunch and discuss our wins and goals. We figured that sharing our numbers might be motivational if anyone actually stumbles across our blog (the analytics suggest this is not happening…ho hum). Back in Q1 Net worth: $788,721 / Portfolio: $235,824 What a quarter it […]