Welcome to our site!

We are two teachers from the UK who have been living abroad for nine years teaching in Asia.

We will be using this blog to track our progress towards Financial Independence, as well as to detail some of the ideological changes we are trying to enact in our lives. It’s a bit like the Playing with FIRE documentary except…no film and no book.

So probably less exciting.

Our Manifesto (2022)

  1. Live intentionally.
  2. Live as far below your means as you can; save and invest the rest.
  3. Focus on quality, not price, and ensure you use everything you own.
  4. Live lightly enough to be flexible.
  5. Learn to do it yourself.

We updated this from our original in 2021.

We are still working at the moment and international education can be a cut-throat sort of environment. We will use the pseudonyms for now as we don’t want to risk any issues at work!


We don’t use social media and we don’t publish either of our personal email addresses.

If you want to get in contact you can try shortbreadandconverse DOT lapland AT simplelogin DOT co (remove & replace the DOT and AT in the address!).