Q2 Update – Light at the end of the tunnel

This quarter seemed like an absolute slog at times, but in retrospect it seems like it has whizzed by. I don’t think work helped my mindset much – I’m not sure I’ve written many posts picking out the specifics of what grinds me down about my job before. Shortbread Jnr. is doing really well now […]

Brand Name People

There are some brands that have been so successful that their brand has become synonymous with the product itself. When I talk about doing the hoovering I’m not neccesarily using a Hoover brand vacuum cleaner. When American kids ask for a Band Aid I understand aren’t really fussy about what brand plaster they get for […]

SweetSpotFI and some web traffic

The other week I noticed in our web analytics* that we’d had some traffic for possibly the first ever time and wondered where it had come from. Turns out one of our favourite blogs mentioned us on Twitter! I can’t pretend we’ve gone viral or anything, but it’s nice to know that someone read something […]

Collective punishment doesn’t stop at school

A recent article by Robert Wringham (an author I enjoy and who’s books I recommended in a recent post) had me thinking about collective punishment in the workplace. In many ways this is related to F-U money, but I think it applies to employment generally. Wringham’s post describes receiving a collective class detention, the point […]

Q1 Update – We’re still here and still making progress!

The past three months have been earth-shatteringly busy, tiring and stressful. However, we’re settling into life as a new family. It’s been a test, but we’ve weathered some difficult moments, stuck together and kept making progress. Sounds a bit corny…but don’t care! Back in Q4Net worth: $771,918 / Portfolio: $283,000Markets have been pretty volatile, and […]