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Brand Name People

There are some brands that have been so successful that their brand has become synonymous with the product itself. When I talk about doing the hoovering I’m not neccesarily using a Hoover brand vacuum cleaner. When American kids ask for a Band Aid I understand aren’t really fussy about what brand plaster they get for […]

It’s our Invest-iversary!

We have been investing for two years today!* Shortbread’s love of portmanteaus necessitated creating a word. Recently I’ve been thinking about timelines and long term planning. It’s not something I’ve ever been particularly good at (Shortbread handles this part of our relationship!), but having the new addition to our little family on the way makes […]

Sources of Efficient Happiness

When something has a good ratio of happiness to expense, we tend to refer to it as an ‘efficient’ source of happiness. Having a few cheap but enjoyable experiences a week has been vital to us sticking to our frugal ways and stops us from feeling like we are sacrificing too much. Here are my […]

The 3 Types of Savings

The terms savings is used quite generally. Putting money into savings can mean different things to different people. Even having to “dip into savings” could carry wildly different implications. Are you spending money in a cash reserve? This is, potentially, absolutely fine and a world away from having to sell off things like investments. A […]

Firewalls of Financial Defence

With a baby on the way we are, for the first time, assessing how safe our lifestyle is. What would happen should we be hit with unexpected bills? What would the plan be if something unexpected comes at us? 10 years ago we didn’t consider this all that much – we had been teachers for […]